Selecting a date

24-hour clock notation can be used to select a date. In this case, 13 will convert to 1:00pm
Pm and Am can be shorted to simple 'p' or 'a'
A start and end time for events/tasks can be instantly added via adding a '-' between two times... 13-14 for example
The amount of minutes can also be entered via :xx where xx is minutes from 0-60

Adding Locations

The '@' sign can be used to select a place

Tasks can also be given priorities

the start of a task entry, '!' marks can be used to directly set the importance of the task

You can easily switch between creating an event or a task

you touch the event or task entry bar, all of your currently entered date and location information will also be transferred over

Calendar Entry

To change the calendar you are currently using, touch the name of the calendar in the top middle of the quick add box (ex. Personal, Home, Google)

Long tap

In the daily or monthly view, long tap can be used to bring up a pop-up menu that allows for quick delete, move, edit, copy and conversion

Drag & Drop

In the week view, dragging and dropping can be used to move, convert or delete schedules at specific locations

Double tap

In the month view, double tap can be used to go directly to specific days


On the daily/weekly/monthly calendar screens, swipe is used to move between days/weeks/months
PlanBe has been built from the ground up to easily sync with the built-in iOS calendar and to support iCloud data. You can also register other calendars with PlanBe by adding your iCloud, MS Exchange, Google, Yahoo, or AOL accounts.

Sync duration

Sort and view by Group or Date

You can switch between Date or Group sorting by pressing the "Task List (Date)" or "Task List (Group)" text at the very top of the task view

Bulk movement and deletion

By touching the pencil icon in the bottom left of the screen you can move or delete multiple tasks at once

Sliding Menu

The sliding menu, accessed by pressing the lines icon in the top left of the task view, allows you to turn completed task showing on/off
The sliding menu also allows you to select specific calendars, change the exact sorting order of your tasks and search through your tasks directly

Launch PlanBe


New Entry


New Entry (x-callback-url)

  • title : quickAdd string
  • memo : memo field
  • type : e (event, default), t (task)
  • prompt : y (default), n

Show AgendaView


Show WeekView


Show MonthView


Show TaskView


Show QuickAdd