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Q: I could not make event or task. The message appears: 'Please grant the permission to access Calendar & Reminder'

A: Please check the following.

Connected setting for calendar and reminder

  1. Setting for Calendar Account
    • Run Settings app
    • Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars'
    • Checking the account setting
    • If you don't have any account set up on your device, you have to add the account
  2. Check privacy setting for Calendar and Reminder
    • Run Settings App
    • Select 'Privacy'
    • Select 'Calendars' and 'Reminders'
    • Turn PlanBe on.

Q: How can I save my old appointments on the planner from previous months? As they currently appear after a month.

A: Change 'Synchronization period' setting.

How to change the synchronization period

Q: Start time of event in iCloud does not match one in PlanBe. For example, start time 2am is changed into 11am automatically.

A: It is due to time zone setting. Time zone in iCloud should be the same in PlanBe.

  1. In iOS Devices
    • Run Settings App
    • Select 'General' and 'Date & Time'
    • Check Time Zone
  2. In iCloud site
    • Log in to the iCloud service.
    • Click on the upper right to 'user name'.
    • Select 'Account Settings' from the pop-up menu.
    • Select 'Time zone'
    • Set the same time zone as the iOS device
    • Click 'Done' button

Q: How can I use Google Calendar in PlanBe?

A: Register the calendar in Settings app.

  1. Run Settings App
  2. Select 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars'
  3. Select ''Add Account’
  4. Select 'Google(or Gmail)’
  5. Enter the Google account information
  6. Tap the 'Next' button.
  7. Make sure that the 'Calendar' is enabled
  8. Tap 'Save' button to complete
  9. Run PlanBe
  10. Tap the Setting icon on the bottom right
  11. Select 'Calendars Select'.
  12. Make sure that 'Google Calendar' is enabled

Q: Does PlanBe support Google Task?

A: No. Currently there is no plan to support Google Task because its API does not handle concurrent modification properly. Please try to use the Toodledo.com.

Q: How can I show/hide the completed task in PlanBe?

A: In iPhone you can toggle 'Completed Tasks' in the left menu screen. In iPad, you can toggle it by pulling down the screen in agenda or task view.

Q: How can I display badge in PlanBe?

A: See the following instruction.

  1. In PlanBe
    • Tap Settings icon in the bottom right
    • Select ‘General Options’
    • Select ‘Badge’
    • Select the item you want
  2. Check badge setting in iOS
    • Run Settings App
    • Select ‘Notification Center’
    • Select 'PlanBe' among the list of applications installed
    • Make sure that the 'Badge App Icon' is enabled

Q: I want to change the color of calendar in PlanBe.

A: See the following instruction.

  1. Run PlanBe App
  2. Select 'Calendar Select'
    • In iPhone, it is accessed from left slide menu
    • In iPad, it is accessed from top left button
  3. Select 'i' button of calendar you want to change its color
  4. Choose the color
  5. Tap the 'Done' button

If you turn on 'Local Calendar Color' in [Setting-General Option], this color is preserved even if the value of iCloud is changed.