PlanBe is a schedule management app that combines
the default iOS calendar and apps together.
It also integrates Toodledo tasks and is optimized
for iOS users creating an extremely smooth and fast experience.

All in one

PlanBe : All-in-one

PlanBe enables instant integration with iCloud calendar(s), external calendars such as Google calendar, Toodledo and the default iOS calendar and reminders Apps. Instead of constantly switching between multiple calendars and applications, PlanBe puts everything into one, smart and powerful package.


PlanBe : Blazingly fast

We have trimmed out all unnecessary features, focused on a simple design and optimized PlanBe from the bottom up for handling large amounts of data as quickly as possible. The result is a smooth and quick experience.


PlanBe : at-a-glance

We have packed PlanBe with readability (font, size, etc..) related customization options and have optimized the UI extensively to display as much relevant schedule information as possible in an easy to read manner.